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Safeguarding Cash & Contributions

Safeguarding Cash Collection: Best Practice Summary

Churches and other nonprofit ministries receive a majority of their revenue through cash donations.  Does your church or nonprofit have adequate controls to adequately safeguard your weekly contributions while being collected or counted?  How would you answer the following questions:

  1. Are contributions adequately protected during collection, counting, and transferring to the bank for deposit?
  2. Are deposit records and counting records reconciled?
  3. Are other income collection points, like coffee shops and bookstores, adequately protected?


No matter what process your church uses, there are multiple points along the collection, counting and deposit journey where abuse could occur.

This one-page executive summary of cash and contribution best practices is designed to help churches prevent abuse.  

Compare these best practices to your organization.  How does your organization measure up?

Download this helpful guide to find out.

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