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Disbursements: Best Practice Executive Summary

Safeguarding Checks

Writing blank checks is fast and convenient to allow church employees to make purchases.  But blank checks can be easily abused.  And another common fraud scheme and abuse is check tampering: intercepting a payment and converting it for personal use.

Does your church or nonprofit have adequate controls to secure and control how checks are written and disbursements are made?  How would you answer the following questions:

  1. Does your organization sign blank checks?
  2. Does one person have the ability to write checks, sign checks and post the transaction in the financial records?
  3. Before signing checks, does a church leader review supporting documentation for appropriateness?


Reduce the risk of unauthorized checks or check tampering by improving your control process.

This one-page executive summary for disbursement best practices is designed to help churches prevent abuse.  

Compare these best practices to your organization.  How does your organization measure up?

Download this helpful guide to find out.

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